Types of Virtual Data Storage Solutions

The Most Popular Types of Virtual Data Storage Solutions

In our information age, every second people produce a huge amount of information that needs to be stored with the possibility of subsequent use and access control. If earlier the only way to store data for ordinary users and business leaders was hard drives of PCs and laptops, CDs and DVDs, as well as external drives in the form of pocket “hard drives,” today they are gradually being replaced by

Virtual data rooms

These are the most advanced cloud services designed for business processes. Here you can conduct transactions, store documents, and organize various meetings with directors and employees of the company. Their advantages are security against hacking, many functions, the ability to rent a desktop or software inside the VDR,

Modern online storage

Today, different cloud Internet storage types differ in availability and structure, but they all allow you to store any digital data – photos, text, or video. By the way, cloud storage is currently used not only by ordinary Internet users – individuals but also by commercial enterprises, which allows them to reduce capital expenditures significantly.

Moreover, one of the main advantages of the “cloud” should include getting remote access to your information from any stationary (PC, laptop) or mobile (tablet, smartphone) device. Thanks to this, the company’s employees get the opportunity to work with the documents of their enterprise remotely, and the manager controls the process of fulfilling the assigned technical task. It is impossible to ignore the fact that with remote access several people can work with one document at the same time, which optimizes and speeds up the workflow.

Storage types

Surely many people will be interested to know what cloud storages exist to understand which one to choose in this or that case. For ordinary users, a cloud drive can be used to quickly and conveniently save any digital information, accessing it from anywhere, regardless of location. It is best to use virtual data rooms, which are highly protected from hacks, for example Citrix, iDeals, DealRoom, and others.

An end-user-friendly type of storage that allows it to be used remotely as a local drive. Storage can be partitioned into logical drives, but it cannot be formatted into a single file system. It is worth noting that the size of the disk itself limits disk space. Thanks to this system, you can create storage networks of the Storage Area Network (SAN) type.

Why are clouds useful?

This is the most practical and convenient resource for organizing business processes. Examples of this type of storage are Citrix, iDeals, and DealRoom, which have managed to establish themselves as convenient and versatile in use. In addition, there are no restrictions on the size of the used disk space since there are no restrictions when switching to a paid plan.

The most suitable type of metadata storage includes design documentation, accounting papers, photos, and videos. An API is often used to interact with cloud storage, with the help of which information can be written to the storage using special commands.


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