Business Website for Fundraising

How to Design a Successful Business Website for Fundraising

Today, no one will argue that selling via the Internet is the de facto standard for most businesses. But the Internet is so large and diverse that it is not so easy to start using it correctly.

Format selection

First, you should decide what you need a site for. If earlier, most often, the area was something like a business card on the Internet, now this commercial offer is a source of sales. We recommend choosing the most promising line of business and creating a sales page for it – this is the most effective way that can be easily scaled up in the future by adding additional pages or even entire sites for other offers.

Selection and purchase of a website address

There are usually no strict requirements for the address, but there are several rules that must be observed:

The address should be clear and short, so you can pronounce it on the phone without spelling it out. Often companies use either their name or a term from the business. Sometimes it is appropriate to use abbreviations, but the main thing here is not to overdo it.

It would help if you chose in which domain zone you will register it. It’s best to use domains that are specific to your location. National zone domains cost only about $30-50 a year, and there are still plenty of beautiful addresses in the public domain.

It is best to register a domain for a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, the amount does not change from this, but in the case of registration in a trade registry or payment systems, they can check that it belongs to a legal entity.

Choosing a website engine

The engine is usually called a control system, software that allows you to work in a semi-automatic mode with databases and website content, which is expanded with the help of additional modules, divided by functionality and purpose.

When choosing an engine, the first thing to start from is what your site will be like: an information portal, blog, forum, online store, or something else.

You can delegate all this work to a web studio, a freelancer, or a friend. But no one but you knows your business as well, which means that you must think over the site’s logic and the requirements it must meet.

Website development

To get started, you need to register. Enter your email address and the name of the site you are creating. Immediately after registration, you will be taken to the visual editor of the site. In the editor, the place looks exactly the same as on the Internet.

Cover and first impression. The cover image is the first block that a visitor will see when loading your site. It is needed, so the user immediately understands that he is in the right place. You can choose from several cover templates: buttons, forms, or images.

Just below the title, you can place an order button. Usually, the control contains a call: leave a request, find out the details, get a consultation, etc. In general, the site can have unlimited calls to action, and you can accept applications from clients and partners by placing buttons in different parts of the site.


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